Art of commenting (1)

One very important step in search engine optimization is to increase your website's link popularity, i.e. the number of websites out there linking to your website (backlinks). There're many ways to increase your website's link popularity and one of the ways is simply to comment on other websites. Many websites, especially blogs out there allow you to leave comment on their websites. Simply comment on these websites and leave your website URL on them to increase your website's link popularity. However, there are a few important pointers to take note when leaving comments on other websites. When you leave your URL on other websites' comment section, check whether the backlink is a direct link or a redirect link. A direct link is more valuable than a redirect link, thus you would want to focus your effort on commenting websites that offer direct backlink. To check whether a website offers direct backlink, simply place your mouse over any URL left by the previous comment and see whether your browser status bar shows a direct URL or redirect URL to that website.